Syntjuntan releases a new CD on schhh... records!

CD Release at Syntjuntans dag 2012
September 1, 13-18 h
Bucky Dome - Moderna Museet, Stockholm.

Schhh records presents a new CD by Syntjuntan!


Schhh is a new label promoting experimental music, electronic music and sound art and as it's first release schhh presents SYNTJUNTAN! (SE3JQ12001).

“Body-synthesizer, stitched synthesizer, picking hens, trombone, grand piano, vibrators, percussion, electric guitars, strap- and hat-synthesizers, piezo-feedback, vibrating discs and live electronics.
Live recordings from Syntjuntans dag 2011 at Kulturhuset, Stockholm. Compositions by Syntjuntan, Ann Rosén, Ida Lundén and Lise-Lotte Norelius. Performed by Ivo Nilsson, Jonny Axelsson, Krock, Kristine Scholz, Syntkretsen and Syntjuntan.
Edited and mixed by: Lise-Lotte Norelius and Sten-Olof Hellström. Produced and mastered by: Sten-Olof Hellström. Recording engineer: Niklas Billström. Photography: Magnus Bergström and Syntjuntan. Graphic design: Ann Rosén.”


13-16 h Workshop: SKÖRDEVERK – Root vegetable music with needle and thread.
Sew a synth and make music using potatoes, carrots and parsnips! Together we create the sound work ROTFRUKT. Concept and direction: Ann Rosén Fee SEK 350 (incl. material) Book at (Only 30 participants)

13-16 h Headphone-concert: SYNTJUNTAN EARLY YEARS,
music from the cd with the same name presented by SEAMS.

16 -17 h Concert – SYNTJUNTAN LIVE:
SMYCKESTYCKE – A musical work for sound- jewellery. Wearing new fantastic jewellery creations, especially designed by Bengt Carling, Syntjuntan performs new electronic jewellery-music by Lise-Lotte Norelius.
ELVIRA - Felted music with lace and long stitches, embroidery with electronic sounds, square waves and curled noise. Composed and performed by Syntjuntan.

17-18 h RELEASE concert SYNTJUNTAN with Syntjuntan, Syntkretsen and others.

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Contact: Sten-Olof Hellström